Inca Trails

When the Spaniards arrived in Perú, they found a large network of magnificent trails built by the Incas. They had little problem in using them to conquer the vast empire, but over time horses destroyed most of them. One of the few trails that remained almost intact is the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. This trail is now a famous destination for outdoors lovers from all over the World who enjoy history and outstanding natural beauty. It provides a unique combination of archaeological remains located in places where it becomes clear they worshiped beautiful expressions of nature.

Over the years we have developed a reputation for operating quality treks at reasonable prices with the guarantee that porters and crew are paid legal wages or better.

Be aware that low price Inca trail treks can only be obtained by paying less than legal wages to porters and crew (the only significant variable cost in the Inca Trail trek budget). The other costs: food, tents, entrances, trains, etc… Are all very similar and cannot produce significant differences. Exploitation has been a common practice in Cusco since colonial times.

For the Classic Inca Trail trek we offer the Premium Service where you only carry a day pack with your needs for the day, while enjoying the best campsites (two of them with hot showers and toilets). Or the more economical Backpacker Service were you carry your personal belongings but everything else I carried by porters, arriving to see the sunrise in Machu Picchu.
All our Inca trails are operated staying the first night previous to entering the trail at our exclusive Camp Km. 82, very close to the entrance of the Inca trail. Here you begin to enjoy nature while camping in the comfort of indoor plumbing toilets, hot showers and even a rustic firewood sauna.

Photo: Silvio Pereira Costa, Brazil

8D7N Classic Inca Trail Premium to Machu Picchu